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What you wont need




House Manual.

HERE is a link to the Abbott's Manual.

Special House features.

If you are heading to Abbott's, please read through the list below, it will help you get the most of your stay



So your wont need to be using your expensive data or roaming charges  

Audio / Video

There is an integrated quality HiFi sound system, from which you can play your MP3/IPOD/mobile device. Simply plug it in, and adjust the volume and away you go. Don't forget to bring along your device charger.

The DVD player will take a USB stick and play AVI files. So if you have AVI files on either the DVD disk or on a USB stick, you can play them through the telly. It will even play from some external USB hard drives which require no power.

Its hard to tell when the remote is going to run out of battery, one takes AA and the other AAA batteries. While the batteries are replace before the summer season, it's a good idea to have a couple of each handy.


For those who love cooking, there's lots of kitchen utensils, including a mortar and pestle, and garlic crusher, as well as a range of cooking utensils and kitchen knives

For fresh coffee, there is a plunger type coffee pot, so bring along a packet of fresh ground coffee. There's little to match the smell of fresh coffee in the morning at Abbott's

There's a 'coal' barbecue, for those great outdoor days.  Don't forget to pack a bag of coals, and some firelighters to kick it off. They work a treat!

Along with the fridge, there is a separate small chest freezer in the utility room. So feel free to bring along frozen food, or freeze what you won't use for later. 


Living room.

There's a wonderful open fire, so if you intend to use it on those cool evenings, don't forget to bring some firelighters and Briquettes or Coal. Guests generally leave some behind, but there's n




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