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Places to visit

Cara Turner Ceramics

Cara Turner's workshop is less than 100m from Abbott's, and its a must see.


Abbey Island

Abbey Island is a tidal island separated from Derryname beacch by a small inlet. Most time its passable except at high tide. The ancient church ruins and grave yard date back to the 16th century, and give a wonderful panoramic view of the derrynane house and beaches.


The Kerry Way



By ferry. Ferry is frequent, and drops you off in Port Magee. On your return you can pop into O'Neills (the Point) for a plate of deep fried Haddock, and a creamy pint of Guinness!

Ring of Kerry


Deenish Island


Kenmare Town


Derryname house and gardens


The Skellig Islands


Stague Fort

Stague fort historic sight is several Kilometers from Abbott's It is a good walk on generally good roads, and you can start at the Stague Fort hotel, and return there for some refreshments. Click here for a link to some intereting facts about the site




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