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Broadband in the Piper

Sandra has installed broadband into the Blind Piper, and at present  its available free of charge for any customer to use. This is a great resource to catch up with your emails if you have a laptop with you. 

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 02 June 2009 20:45 )

No price increase for 2009

Prices have been fixed for 2009, at the same rate as for 2008. The prices are listed under the Renting tab on the top menu.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 19 May 2009 19:27 )

Improvements for 2009

  • Upstairs radiiators have been fitted with thermostatic control valves, improving the overall heating efficiency of the house
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 08 October 2008 19:05 ) Read more...

New Year in Kerry

Why not enjoy a the new year the beautiful south west, with wonderfull walks on the beachs, and maybe some mulled wine in the evening, in front of a big open fire.

Last Updated ( Monday, 13 May 2013 19:07 ) Read more...

New Google Map Location page.

Have you checked out the new Location page. Its got a google map in it, which you can use to navigate to different location, and can change from a normal driving map view, to a satellite image view!. Why not zoom into the pin and see Abbott's from a satellite photo, or use the panning feature to move to your favourite location!

Last Updated ( Monday, 28 April 2008 14:14 )



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